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Community Development Services

The degradation in infrastructures and underutilization of natural resources has taken a huge toll resulting in poor development of rural-urban communities. TEDI assist individuals, cooperatives/associations and communities through various development projects such as good water system, agriculture, ICT, manufacturing, creation of health facility with sustainable management system.

Capacity Development

Nigeria now one of the countries with the highest statistical figure of out-of-school children, unemployed youths and women without education, skills or trades. TEDI provides a platform that identifies beneficiaries with a training institutions on service rendition, production, management and efficiency of operations after their empowerments.

Public Health Programs

TEDI assist in mitigating the impacts of diseases (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, etc.) on the vulnerable children, men, women and communities affected, through provision of extensive and qualitative health care and supports.

Empowerment/Trade Services


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